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JsM Woodcraft

Dedicated to the creation of items that showcase the natural beauty of wood

JsM Woodcraft & KJ PolyClay

We've loved every minute of our journey as husband and wife co-crafters!

JsM Influence

Growing up in Northern Vermont I learned at an early age the joy and pleasure of nature and woodworking. The formative years at the workbench exploring the beauty of natural materials influenced me to become a scientist and to keep exploring what passion and artistic curiosity could reveal.

Working with my father in his workshop, and then building, tinkering and creating on my own, lead to a lifetime appreciation for woodworking and natural materials.


Returning to the workshop was a natural progression, as inspiration and creativity are in all of us.

Woodworking is in our DNA...



The formative years in my father's workshop at the bench inspired me to become a scientist, exploring nature at the molecular level.

KJ PolyClay

KJ - my story...

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved ‘making things.’ Being born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin, there were always plenty of cold, winter days to work on art projects. I have fond memories of crayons, construction paper, scissors, glue and of course tape (The Scotch Tape Kid). My best friend and I would make projects and sell them door to door. One time we got paid in ice cream!

As I grew, my craft projects grew with me. I remember making a 20 piece set of wooden Christmas ornaments (painting and assembly required). Later I would make dioramas in real egg shells.

Eventually I chose a scientific career path to build on my creative inspiration. I am currently a clinical scientist working in drug development to serve patients with unmet medical needs. But now that the kids have grown, it’s high time to get artistic creativity back into my life!


KJ PolyClay Website