JsM Woodcraft
Dedicated to the creation of items that showcase the natural beauty of wood  

& KJ PolyClay

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Each hand crafted item is the combination of living wood and the forces of nature that influenced its growth.  Working with polymer clay combines artistry and materials of truly unique crafting.  No two pieces are ever alike.  We have carefully selected different woods, clays and metals to create each piece.  

You can select from the items here, or custom order Burl and Resin Art, a musical instrument, Handcrafted Boxes, pens, or beautiful accessories, all made to your creative suggestions.  In polymer clay, colors, patterns or inspiration will be your guide.  You can also provide a historical or sentimental wood-based material for a truly custom pen, pencil, or pen set to be made.  Delivered in a beautiful box ready for presentation, all pens take standard refills and pencils take 0.7mm leads.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our product list. There's much more to come!

Please visit www.kjpolyclay.com for unique and beautiful hand crafted polymer clay pens, styluses and accessories!

Historical Wood

Proud to be working with Forged in Wood, exclusive purveyors of artisanal pieces crafted from the historic Basking Ridge Oak Tree, to create and lovingly craft items to memorialize the historic 619 year old Basking Ridge Oak Tree.  Please visit their website at www.forgedinwood.net for more information and to purchase handcrafted items from this historic tree.

Handcrafted Pens and Styluses

Your choice of select handcrafted pens, pencils and styluses

Musical Instruments

Hand Crafted using sapele tonal wood soundboards and your choice of wood for the ponsi (bridge holder) and sides, embellished with wooden inlay and a KJ PolyClay medallion  


Personal wood-crafted accessories in a variety of materials

Custom orders

Select your choice of woods, metals, and styles, or send us a wood-based material of personal significance

Handcrafted Boxes

Handcrafted wooden boxes for your home or gaming cards, boxes feature wooden inlay or a polymer clay medallion in your choice of decorative or 'land colors'.