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JsM Woodcraft

Dedicated to the creation of items that showcase the natural beauty of wood

Contact us for custom services


Step 1

Choose your choice of wood.

We have Maple Burl, Bird's Eye Maple, Quilted Maple, Walnut Burl, Walnut, Olive Burl, Olive Wood, Cedar, and Cherry.

In exotic woods, we have Burls, Mahogany, Cocobolo, Sapele (a lovely orange wood), Bloodwood, Padauk (a brown wood like mahogany), Yellow-Heart, Jatoba, Purple Heart, and Orange-Heart and many others.

Step 2

You choose your choice of style and metal.

Choose from slimline, comfort, or European Style shape. For styluses select classic stylus, or pen/stylus design.

Choose from 24k gold finish, tungsten gold, copper, or gun-metal gray.

Sentimental Wood

You have the piece, we have the craftsmanship

You have lovingly saved a piece of wood from a historic house or barn, meaningful piece of furniture, or sentimental tree that meant a lot to you. Just contact us and we will arrange receipt, and custom crafting of your pen or pencil set. We will attempt to symbolically and practically memmorialize something of importance to you.

Note: working with wood is never guaranteed and some materials may fail. Some possible reasons for failure are splits, cracks and moisture content. We assume no liability and will return all materials to you at no charge for the attempt.